IRIS Objectives

Objective 1: Advances in Human-Computer interaction methodologies

This first part of the project consists in studying and defining a profile based on the user pathologies and case scenarios , as well as, developing the technical platforms for the final phase of the project. This encompasses the development of input (speech, silent speech, gesture, tactile/haptic devices) and output (animated characters, pictograms and personalized synthetic voices) communication modalities and essential modules of the platform such as the management of these modalities and user authentication.

Objective 2: Moving to real world scenarios

In objective 2, we first need to establish a framework for an objective evaluation of the previously developed work. This evaluation will be based on biological and psychophysical measures such as Electromyography (EMG), Electro-dermal Activity (EDA), eye tracking, optical brain imaging (fNIR), etc.Usability evaluation will be a continuous process along the entire project in order to guide development and assess user performance using the proposed systems in virtual and real world situations.